Healthcare Technology Solutions

Fixing technology issues is more expensive than preventing them. Evolv I.T.’s proactive solutions are designed to save you money and remove technology headaches through proper systems management.


The healthcare sector suffered almost 300 breaches in the first half of 2023 alone. Evolv I.T.’s cybersecurity engineers complete a thorough assessment of your security infrastructure and practices to identify vulnerabilities and provide reliable solutions to keep your practice protected. This personalized cybersecurity plan will give you the peace of mind of knowing that every aspect of your practice is protected, so your employees can focus on patient care.


We assess your current compliance and provide solutions. We are so confident in our knowledge of HIPAA Compliance Best Practices, that when you become an Evolv I.T. Healthcare Client, we will sign a BAA accepting shared responsibility for your HIPAA compliance. Evolv I.T. also provides around the clock protection of your PHI by designing a customized, automated backup and recovery plan for your ePHI – ensuring this sensitive data is safe at all times and an experienced systems engineer is available 24/7 if you ever need us.

IT Vendor Management

Just like with our clients, we work very hard to build strong relationships with our client’s outside IT vendors. One call to Evolv I.T. – our service desk engineers handle the rest. We will contact your IT vendor for you to work with them directly on any issues, outages, or migrations.

Smooth Transition

Transitioning to Evolv I.T. is seamless. Our engineers have developed strong professional relationships with many of our competitors and have a direct point of contact with most of them. This makes it easier for us to discuss and coordinate the transition directly with that IT company eliminating you, the client, as the middle man. The final stages of the transition are completed outside of business hours and from there, Evolv I.T. will handle all IT issues for your practice. It really is that simple!

Backup / Disaster Recovery

We work with your organization’s management to determine the key applications and data, then develop a business continuity plan and disaster recovery strategies with recommendations. Finally, we implement and manage a customized disaster recovery plan specific to your healthcare organization.


If your company has the potential to grow, we have the knowledge and resources to help you do it. Your virtual CIO (vCIO) will work with you to develop a project plan, budget, and implementation process. Whether your project involves moving to a larger location, adding an office location, or acquisitions and mergers, Evolv I.T. can help you plan for your future. We are ready to grow with you.


Cloud services provide scalable resources that can increase mobility and accessibility while reducing costs to your practice. Evolv I.T. delivers expert migration assistance that limits (or even eliminates) operation disruptions and continued support once the migration is complete.


Planning to implement a new PM/EHR/EMR software? Evolv I.T. works closely with our customers to ensure that your technology infrastructure is robust and fully compatible with whatever system you choose for your practice. We will also assist in implementation/migration, and work with the vendor to provide ongoing support.

Already using PM/EHR/EMR? We work hand-in-hand with your EMR service to provide ongoing vendor support.

24 / 7 Help Desk

Our goal is to be proactive and prevent IT issues from popping up during a busy clinic day and disrupting patient care.

Your support call will never go to voicemail. A live service delivery member will answer your call and begin triaging your issue immediately.

“I believe customer service should be the highest priority for any client-facing organization.”

Daniel Herrera, CEO
Evolv I.T.


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