Breakthrough business phone systems

Our new systems are hyper-functional and extremely efficient.  The best in IP office phones- high resolution display, HD audio technology, and integration with your smart phone or tablet, your Mac or PC. No special servers or expensive equipment needed, no dead phones if the power goes down. And no missed calls.

Communication tools to simplify and accelerate workflows

High call volume users love their deskset, and it is impressive, but add software that interacts with your desk extensions, letting you duplicate your office phone functions on your smart phone and your tablet. On the Mac or PC the software also includes a Receptionist’s View, Custom Queue setup and auto-direct, Digital Receptionist and so much more.

And that’s just the phones! Surprise: We even have video conferencing systems that are both easy and elegant.

Systems tailored to your business needs

TailWinds will configure the system and each extension to your specific needs. Easy transfers, on-the-fly three way calling, forwarding and recording? Sure. But also: Choose a live receptionist or auto. Page the entire office or just a group. There are so many other options- we’re pretty sure that if you need it, we can make it happen. And we manage every aspect of office communication- even BYOD and email transition.

Straight talk and pure benefit

Get up to speed with TailWinds. Your staff should have a seamless connection with each team-member, and your consumers should be able to reach your team effortlessly. These systems will elevate your business, and reduce your expense. Make every conversation contribute to your bottom line.