What should DX mean for my business?

Digital transformation (DX) is another one of those “newer” terms you hear or see a good bit of in business articles or discussions today. But does it mean what you […]

What do we really DO?

It has- somewhat slowly- come to our attention that there are many who don’t know what TailWinds, or any managed IT service provider, actually does for businesses. There were so […]

FINALLY- New password safety designed for you, the user

Since 2003 we’ve all been hostage to a burdensome set of rules for passwords. I’m sure most of us have tried to follow the rules. They were designed by the […]

Everyone’s doing it- with good reason!

You’d think there would be at least a little slow-down in our new client installs and on-boarding in the horrid heat and humidity of Alabama in the weeks prior to […]

Best Practices: The way to win with IT equipment

We would frame this as a case study, but we need to protect both the innocent and the guilty. It is, however, exactly what happened. Something we don’t want to […]

Crises averted, no cybercrime!

It’s possible that I don’t need to say another word about cyber security. As many as four popular tv entertainment series have aired episodes built around ransomware, identity theft or […]

Please don’t be British Airways

Only one thing about British Airways $129 million IT failure is clear to me: They did not have a Business Continuity plan. They didn’t have a what? A Business Continuity […]

IT: In-house or outsource? It’s very subjective.

If your business is of “a certain size”, you may be wrestling with IT delivery. You realize something has to change, because if two employees encounter different but equally serious problems […]