Our Process

To deliver the best technological solutions, we must first understand your specific needs by taking these three easy steps.

A Brief Conversation

There’s never a “sales pitch,” instead, we will discover if Evolv I.T. is a good fit for your business through a quick phone call. No matter your industry or company size, we’ll determine how we can benefit you from learning details about your specific concerns. Call if you’re curious, or if your technology is on thin ice. We’ll both enjoy the conversation and learn from it no matter what.


If you think we may work well together, we can arrange to provide a no-obligation assessment of your current systems and devices. We won’t install anything on your machines, and we won’t interrupt anyone’s work. This usually only takes about thirty minutes but gives us the vital information needed to provide solid recommendations for your business and discover how you can get more from your existing technology.

Comprehensive Report & Assessment

Once we analyze the assessment and conduct any further research, we’ll prepare a comprehensive report of our results to share with you. We’ll schedule a time to meet with you and present the technology options that move you closest to your business goals. You’ll discover any vulnerabilities placing your company at risk and how to eliminate them, while learning what is right with your technology.


CONTACT US FOR A TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT: (205) 881-2120 or info@evolv.us


Charles Welden and Daniel Herrera founded Evolv I.T after a decade of coding software for businesses across the U.S. They created these systems to process, analyze and present research data in real time. This experience provided them with a unique understanding of business IT systems, and what is needed to keep them online, up to speed, to increase the productivity of users.

During the later part of this previous era, it was clear that the IT challenges they’d faced had become universal.

To become or remain successful, every business needs an IT partner, as it’s not cost effective, even for enterprise level concerns, to handle all IT needs in-house. It is also difficult to find staff who can command the complexity and speed of change in business technology at the same level as IT consulting partners.

At the same time, our “tech commanders” began to feel the need to go local, to serve their many friends (who either could not find the help they needed for their businesses and practices, or were paying far too much for too little), and to serve their local business.


Daniel Herrera, CEO

Daniel being the CEO of Evolv I.T. gives him a great deal of credibility. His passion for developing Evolv I.T. has stemmed from his devotion for IT beginning at just 14 years old. Since then in Daniel’s career, he has designed technology infrastructure and managed IT teams and operations for companies including healthcare, financial, media and legal.

Daniel has always found ways to be innovative, perform outstanding leadership skills for his team, knowing how to effectively communicate and always having a visionary outlook for the company.

When Daniel is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with friends and family going on many different adventures. He has a love for traveling, cars and hosting events!

Ronnie Bell, Director of Finance

Ronnie brings with him to Evolv I.T., a multitude of knowledge gained from years of accounting experience in both the Birmingham and Atlanta markets.

He has consulted in many different financial and managerial areas, working with both private businesses and public accounting firms.

Ronnie is well versed in the complete accounting cycle and generating various types of financial and managerial reports utilizing various accounting programs.

Did we mention he’s an Excel wizard?!

When he’s not creating magic with spreadsheets at Evolv I.T., Ronnie is busy with his two beautiful daughters and newborn son. Ronnie also enjoys spending time at his 40-acre tree farm near Dothan, AL, loves the outdoors and enjoys tabletop gaming.

Pete Sansing, Procurement Manager

Pete brings with him to Evolv I.T., a multitude of knowledge gained from 25 years of copier procurement experience and over a year of IT procurement experience in the Alabama markets.

Pete is well-versed in all aspects of purchasing, inventory control, asset management, warranty, vendor relations, budgets, and utilizing various operating systems.

When Pete is not being obsessively organized, he enjoys spending time with his wife of 20 years, Stephanie, and their preteen daughter. He is a native of McCalla, AL and currently resides in Hoover, AL. Pete and his family are members of Hunter Street Baptist Church.

Pete spends most of his spare time carpooling his daughter to her extracurricular activities. When he isn’t watching dance competitions, piano recitals, or Taekwondo testing (his daughter will soon be a 2nd degree black belt), he enjoys watching The Atlanta Braves, and SEC sports.

Mary Herrera, Director of Human Resources

Mary is a wife and mother of 3 children and 4 fur babies. She is the HR Director of Evolv I.T. She loves holidays and planning parties. If she isn’t planning birthday parties, she is planning holiday gatherings for her family, friends and colleagues.

Danielle Womack, Director of Marketing and Communications

Danielle joined the Evolv I.T. team with over a decade of experience as an innovative results-oriented growth marketing strategist. Danielle leads the marketing department’s efforts in driving product adoption that creates value for our clients.

Danielle is a marketing and advertising enthusiast with a passion for creative and content development. She is a lover of family and adventures. You will rarely find Danielle sitting still unless she is at work. She enjoys any activity outdoors and making memories.