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Our Merit:

TailWinds is the best IT partner you’ll find. Our team outpaces the changes in technology, bringing new efficiencies and growth in productivity. Our deep experience and knowledge translate into the right solutions for your business, every time. We back it up with availability and proactivity – if you need us, we’re there. If we find something that may benefit you, we’ll alert you.

Our Process:

How does it happen? As simply as possible. We do have to understand your needs in order to deliver the best possible solutions, but we  make that process painless, in three easy steps.

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A Brief Conversation

When you call, we may decide to meet or we may speak for a few moments. Either way, there’s no
“sales pitch”. Instead, together we’ll learn if TailWinds is a good fit for your business. No matter your
industry or your size, we won’t know how you might benefit until we learn a little about your concerns. Call if you’re curious, or call if your technology is on thin ice. We’ll both enjoy the conversation and learn from it no matter what.


If you think we may work well together, we can arrange to provide a no-obligation assessment of your
current systems and devices. We won’t install anything on your machines, and we won’t interrupt anyone’s
work. This usually takes only about thirty minutes, but gives us information we need to provide solid recommendations for your business. We will often find ways to get much more from your existing technology.

Prepare and Consult

We’ll analyze the assessment and conduct any further research, then prepare a report of our results to
share with you. We’ll schedule a time to meet with you and present the technology options that move you
closest to the business goals you’ve set. If there are vulnerabilities which could put your company at risk,
you’ll learn what they are and how to eliminate them. We’ll tell you what is right with your technology, and
answer any questions you may have.

(205) 332-1600
or info@twtech.com


Charles Welden and Daniel Herrera founded TailWinds after a decade of coding software for businesses across the U.S. They created these systems to process, analyze and present research data in real time. This experience provided them with a unique understanding of business IT systems, and what is needed to keep them online, up to speed, to increasing the productivity of users.


During the later part of this previous era, it was clear that the IT challenges they’d faced had become universal.


Every business, if it was to become or remain successful, would need an IT partner. It is simply not cost effective, even for enterprise level concerns, to handle all IT needs in-house. It is also very difficult to find staff who can actually command the complexity and speed of change in business technology.


At the same time, our “tech commanders” began to feel the need to go local, to serve their many friends (who either could not find the help they needed for their businesses and practices, or were paying far too much for too little), and to serve their local business community.

Our Name


In aeronautics, a tailwind is a wind that blows in the direction of travel of an object such as an aircraft. A tailwind increases the object’s speed and reduces the time and energy required to reach its destination. In business, the term “tailwinds” refers to or describes a situation or condition that will move growth, revenues, and profits higher.


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Charles Welden, CEO


TailWinds is a bit of a homecoming for Charles, because when he was very young and a recent Vanderbilt graduate, he sold and installed computers, fixed them and trained folks to use them. He also did some custom software development, and that talent led him to a long career. He designed and coded systems that analyzed media ratings to help TV stations sell air time. He was CEO of a company that did just that for the lion’s share of TV stations in the U.S., until he sold to a much larger company.


He was far from finished with the technology industry. Assisting clients – TV stations and large networks – he saw that they were in an increasing struggle with IT issues. Many of these organizations had large IT staffs, yet they were quite stretched, trying to cover the many technology needs of their companies and not always succeeding. He knew that his local business community was facing the same challenge, so TailWinds was born.

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Daniel Herrera, CIO


Daniel really is a modern miracle. He has always been able to see far – tech on the horizon, a less expensive way to increase productivity for a thousand employees, or cross two disparate innovations to create a better solution. Then, he finds a way to bring it home and explain it so that all can understand. That makes him a great leader, and a great guy to work with.


He has designed the technology infrastructure and managed IT teams and operations for a large law firm, a large media firm, a small media firm, and more. None of these were short term, because no one wants Daniel to leave.


And what a happy guy he is. Daniel and his wife, Mary, have a teenage son and two young girls, and very often, the rest of the neighborhood, too – because they’re just that much fun. He’s just learning to fly, but Charles will have him up to speed soon.