We get some wild weather and bad storms here in Alabama… Some pop up with very little notice. Is your business ready? Nature can have a devastating impact on your business if you’re not prepared. In 2020 alone, natural disaster events cost the U.S. $95 billion in damages. Let TailWinds Technologies be your partner in designing and implementing a comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Recovery plan for your business. From offsite backup strategies to server colocation in our secure datacenter, we can help your business survive and thrive!

Some things to consider…

• Backup your data!
• Co-locate your critical servers at our datacenter to ensure continued operation.
• UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply – Protect critical equipment from power surges or outages.
• Consider Cloud-based infrastructure, backups, and email services
• Professional monitoring and management of your valuable I.T. resources
• And did I mention BACKUPS?

TailWinds Technologies can work with you to assess what your business risks might be due to natural disasters, help qualify and set requirements for mitigating those risks, and present options for your most cost-efficient and effective Disaster Prevention and Recovery plan. We can help protect your data, protect your network, reduce downtime, and ensure continuity of operations for your business.

Contact us at info@twtech.com or (205)332-1600.