It has- somewhat slowly- come to our attention that there are many who don’t know what TailWinds, or any managed IT service provider, actually does for businesses. There were so many complicated questions and unique challenges coming our way that we missed the one we hear first. All the time. “Yeah, but what do you guys DO?”

There are now very few businesses able to function efficiently without the help of technology. It’s indispensable, but it’s often difficult to deal with. So, what if all of it- every machine your staff uses, plus networks, tech support, cybersecurity, even phone systems, and anything else IT related that your business depends on- was much like a utility? Everything runs smoothly, mostly in the background. It doesn’t get on your nerves, or keep you up at night. You never get an inbox full of complaints about it. And you realize it’s increasing productivity!

That’s a good description of how things roll with TailWinds. We partner with businesses and organizations, taking ownership of ALL of their supporting technology, for one reasonable, easily budgeted number each month. Here are some of the essential ingredients we include:

  • That goes for networks, too. TailWinds will build your networks if necessary, or update them, then maintain and monitor them, so that they do all you need them to do.
  • Remember- we manage all that’s IT related. That means any tech Have trouble with your core business software vendor? Need an upgrade for it? Or maybe it’s Microsoft. Or your ISP! You only need to call us. We’ll resolve any such vendor issues.
  • We take care of your PEOPLE, too. When anyone in your organization has a technical issue, it’s OUR issue. Our helpdesk is always available, and we’ll be onsite with you if needed. We will always treat your business as our own.
  • Business needs cybersecurity as surely as it needs the internet. Your data and reputation, your availability and lost revenue- all are at stake. Estimates on the cost to businesses are sky high and increasing. It isn’t just individual hackers. The bad actors now deploy armies of bots, all looking for any system they can breach. TailWinds offers the best defense against cyberattack. We’ll take that worry off your plate. Period.
  • If you’ve had the same office phone system for a while, you won’t believe what new systems can do for you. They aren’t landlines, and the desk phones, switchboards and mobile apps that come with them are fully featured and easy on your budget. Yes, we do phones, too. Plus teleconferencing and mobile devices.

Good to know:

Listed above are the basics, common to most offices. But there are many more solutions available for your business, and some will be unique to your business. For instance, primarily because this area is a healthcare hub, our specialties include HIPAA and PCI DSS compliance. So far, we’ve been able to solve any IT related challenge our clients have presented.

Each MSP will be different, offering certain specialties or adopting a particular philosophy or culture.  At TailWinds, our mission is to delight our clients. We know that is best for OUR business, and that the fool-proof way it is accomplished is to treat each client’s business exactly as we do our own. That means always adhering to best practices, while remaining flexible in other ways.

One caution:

I’ve seen articles insisting that MSPs do all their device and network management and all their client services remotely. Some do. They’re on offer all over the US. But we don’t think that’s the best deal for a client, no matter the cost. The decision to handle a client’s concern (or even a concern our monitoring system has detected) remotely should be determined while analysis of the issue is ongoing, never as a foregone conclusion.

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